An Almost “Magical”
Process For Unwinding
Tight Muscles And
Stiff Joints

Clinically-Proven To Turn Creaky, Crackling
Painful Movement Into “Smooth-As-Silk”
And More Mobile Than Ever Before

Dear Friend,

How would you enjoy suddenly swapping bodies with someone younger, stronger, faster, more limber… and bursting with energy?

Because the pain-free body secret I’m about to share will make you SWEAR you’ve done just that.

I’ll tell you… it’s the eeriest feeling when you experience it firsthand. And yet…

Once the shock value wears off, you’ll want to run and tell everyone you know about it.

And “run” is the key word here.

Because nothing will stop you from pounding-the-pavement… or really “pushing the pedal” on any activity that brings you joy in life…

Bad back? Bum shoulder? Trick knee?

Not in this new body.

Just think of all the PRs that need shattering in the gym… or buddy’s yaps that need shutting out on the course… or kids that need chasing around the house…

Now, go ahead and crack a smile. Because your comeback tour starts right now.

And it’s all so simple, anyone can do it — why more experts aren’t talking about this baffles me.

Mums the word from Dr. Oz and Oprah… radio silence from 60-Minutes. And nada from Netflix.

And yet…

The almost “magical” process you’re about to discover is unique in its ability to target a hidden cause of chronic joint and muscle pain that could finally explain…

Why getting older gets such a bad wrap…

Why nagging injuries seem to pop up out of nowhere…

And why “complete relief” seems to be about as elusive as Big Foot.

So, please… take the following story to heart while I’m still telling it in such a public forum…

Strange Encounter Leads
To Pain-Free Body

It was only one day after our wedding and my wife was hysterical…

“You’re NOT the man I married! I don’t even recognize you anymore…”

Now, most guys would have been mortified. But, I couldn’t have been happier.

Because she was right. I wasn’t the man she married.

I was tallerthinner… more relaxed… and had that twinkle in my eye of a guy half his age. Most importantly…

My mood was no longer being soured by chronic pain. It was obvious from the minute I strut back into our bridal suite:

I was a completely different person.

And it was all thanks to a strange encounter I had with another woman earlier that morning.

You read that right. And I’m not ashamed to admit it. Another woman.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Please…

Let me give you some context before you judge me too harshly…

My name is Ryan Murdock. I’m a travel writer and fitness publisher. And quite sometime before my wedding a series of lifting injuries left me…

Wrapped In A Corset Of Pain

It sucked.

I spent a week using a kitchen chair as a walker.

I had to sleep with my knees propped up on a pillow (when I could sleep at all).

I even dreaded sitting down on the toilet… because I was afraid my muscles would lock up and leave me stranded… until my legs got so numb I fell over into a crippled, pantless heap.


I could feel a twinge in my lower back every time I unbuckled my belt. It was like a whisper teasing me this might be the trip to the head that ends in shame.

So, I’d take my cell phone in with me to make sure I could call out for help when it finally happened.

Anyway, I really held back in the gym, too.

I avoided all kinds of exercises that used to come easy because I never wanted to hear that terrible “pop” again. For a guy who prides himself on his fitness, that’s a tough pill to swallow.

But, that’s not the worst part because…

Nothing Seemed To
Help The Pain

Every expert I talked to recommended something different…

Ice, rest, heat, pills, massage, needles, injections, braces, surgery… and the list goes on and on.

Some of it sounded like “snake oil”. Some seemed contradictory. Much of it did nothing at all.

The little that did help, only did so for a time. Thing is…

I always got injured again, and in exactly the same way.

The pain… and the stiffness… and the tension never really left me.

Most days felt like I needed a body-double just to make it through.

And you want to know something?

All those experts that were so confident before, started singing a different tune:

“You back is as good as it’s going to get”… “This is your body now, get used to it”… “Welcome to old age, buddy”…

I was frustrated. Stuck. And convinced the rest of my life was going to be one of worry and disability. But, then something unbelievable happened…

Almost By Accident
I Met A Magical Woman

Her name is Kathryn.

And she had this “strange” way about her.

For starters, it felt like she was looking through me… not really at me. And yet…

She could pinpoint instantly… just from the way I was standing… all of my body’s tight spots and pain points.

She rattled them off like a shopping list.

It was a little eerie… and I didn’t know what to make of her… but, frankly…

I Wasn’t Prepared For
What She Told Me Next…

“…and your core is incredibly weak.”

What?!? Now I knew she was a total quack…

I’d spent decades living and breathing hardcore martial arts

Do you know how strong you core needs to be to to dish out (and take) the kinds of fight-ending kicks, punches and takedowns I hammered home on those mats for all those years?

Not to mention the kinds of crazy feats of odd-object strength I used to pull off coaching fitness seminars around the world…

“No, really,” she said.

“Watch what happens when I do this…”

She took her finger and touched a specific spot on my ribs… and BOOM!

My Body Completely Collapsed

It was like something out of an old kung fu flick. Yet she was the farthest thing from a kung fu master.

“This is why you kept getting injured.”, she said.

I was speechless.

Kathryn simply waved her hand, then gave me the strangest sequence of movements to do.

They seemed too simple to make a difference. And some of them looked too silly to take seriously.

But, I had nothing to lose by trying them.

And guess what?

I felt amazing after I did them!

Not only was I more loose and limber. But I was standing taller… and without pain.

Plus, I had all this extra energy. I felt like I was in an entirely different body.

My wife was shocked. This wasn’t the man she married a day ago.

“This is a significant upgrade!”

And the honeymoon went off far better than expected.

Fast forward to almost a decade later…

I’m still training like I’m in my 20’s. I hit the ground running more mornings than not. I even stopped taking my cell phone into the bathroom. And the best part is…

I’ve Never Had Another One of
Those Bedridden “Popped My
Back” Experiences Ever Again

And do you know what I do anytime I’m feeling tight or stiff or achy or under a lot of stress?

I just add that strange sequence of movements back into my routine and I’m good to go.

I switched continents not long after meeting Kathryn, and it's been years since we met in person. We only get together on Skype. But she’s still my go-to advisor when it comes to nagging aches and pains, because she can sort out my issues from a distance, and almost instantly.

We’d be talking about my training, and I’d say something like, “I’m getting this weird pain in my shoulder when I do pull ups. It only happens during the lowering phase.”

“Get up for a second,” she’d say, “and stand with your back against the wall.”

She’d describe a simple movement for me to try, and then I’d tell her how it felt. And guess what?

This simple assessment always revealed exactly where my problem was, and exactly which of her strange little exercises — if you can really call them that — I should use to sort it out.

This “Magic Process”
Has Never Failed

I know that sounds like voodoo… and it often feels like voodoo too… — especially when you get to watch years of aches and pains unwind and melt away in mere minutes — but I swear…

…the “doctor” in Dr. Kathryn Woodall doesn’t stand for “witch doctor”. The simple fact is…

Decades of Clinical Practice
Gave Dr. Woodall An Incredible
Eye For Exactly Where The
REAL Problem Is

Truth is, it didn’t matter if she was treating headaches or toe pain, office workers or competitive athletes…

Dr. Woodall noticed the cause of her patient’s chronic complaints was almost always the same:

Muscle Memory.

Muscle memory is an ancient survival mechanism.

An evolutionary advantage that allowed our ancestors to fend off wild animals, endure rugged terrain and live off the land.

It’s a natural ability Men’s Health says allows you to…

“…build super strength and never lose it, to hone skills on the sports field and to injury-proof every exerciseall without ever having to think about it.”

The world’s top sports scientist — Dr. William Kraemer — says that muscle memory…

“…lets you come back from injury, surgery, and even pregnancy faster, easier, and often better than before… making you a better-functioning human being…"

Which is no doubt why Women’s Health calls it:

“The Secret To Being Fit For Life”

But like a lot of evolutionary advantages in today’s day and age (such as body fat, biorhythms and hormones)… it can easily go haywire.

You see, muscle memory has a dark side mainstream health and fitness experts never talk about…

Muscle Memory Can
Make Or Break You

How so? Well…

First, let’s be clear on something:

Muscle Memory is NOT memory stored in your muscles.

There’s no such thing.

Fact of the matter is…

Muscle Memories are created in your brain.

See, when you learn something new — like how to do a clean-and-jerk, or dance the tango or swing a golf club — your brain creates a blueprint of that activity… and records it in your nervous system for future reference.

It’s this blueprint that tells your nerves which muscles to contract or relax… to what degree of strength… and in what order. And it does it automatically… without you ever having to think about it.

That’s a huge advantage in an athletic competition or survival situation where success or failure is often determined in a split second.

But here’s the catch…

Repeat a movement often enough… and your brain assumes it’s important enough to record a muscle memory…

whether that muscle memory is a HEALTHY one or NOT!

In other words…

Record a good muscle memory… and your brain keeps your body moving with comfort and grace and ease and an almost effortless power…

Record a bad muscle memory… and that’s where things can go painfully wrong…

The Dark Side Of Muscle
Memory No One Ever Tells
You About

This has long been misunderstood by health professionals, researchers and fitness coaches for a very long time.

So here’s as simply and clearly as I can put it:

Bad muscle memory is a dysfunctional blueprint in the back of your brain.

It sends dysfunctional signals to your nerves.

And your nerves pass those dysfunctional signals to your muscles.

The most common of which is to keep certain muscles chronically contracted.

This Has Several Side Effects
That Can Keep You Locked In A
Nasty Cycle of Pain And Injury

For starters…

The chronically contracted muscle spends the entire day “working”…

It drains your energy to fuel that work… even while you sleep.

It also puts excessive strain and compression on your joints.

This explains why your muscles might feel sore and your joints might feel stiff even though you haven’t “exercised”… or why you can still feel completely spent after a long night’s sleep.

Second, chronically contracted muscles squeeze blood vessels in the area…

Restricting blood flow… preventing oxygen and key revitalizing nutrients from getting in… and metabolic waste from getting out.

Resulting in weakness… slower recovery from activity… creaky, crackling, clunky movement… and a loss of function. And…

Finally, it creates a constant buildup of hydrogen ions which light up your pain receptors…

Causing anything from a dull ache to a searing spasm.

In a sense… bad muscle memory has the same effect on your body as a grueling workout. Only in the case of bad muscle memory…

It’s Putting Your Body Through
This Grueling “Workout”… 24/7!

No wonder all it takes is bending over to pick up your phone off the floor for you to “throw out” your back.

Or why you can suddenly injure yourself performing an exercise you’ve performed a million times before with no problem whatsoever.

Doesn’t matter whether you’re sitting or standing for work… carrying around a baby all day… or using bad form in the weight room during workouts.

Your brain will help your body get better at sitting or squatting even if it means gradually locking you into a slouched posture… or tightening your muscles and refusing to let them relax… or pulling your spine out of alignment…

It took me a long time to really “get” this concept. But, it finally explained why “complete relief” was so hard to find…

Beware Common Remedies That
Promise “Complete Relief”

Pills and potions can be useful for helping you to get by.

So can getting an adjustment or a massage.

Thing is…

They’ll rarely deliver you complete relief.

The reason why is simple:

They don’t address bad muscle memory. Some not at all… others in an incomplete fashion.

That’s why Dr. Woodall’s sequence of strange movements is unique.

Think of a mystery puzzle box.

Unlocking it requires the right sequence of twists and turns. Otherwise you’ll spend eternity driving yourself nuts.

Unraveling chronic pain triggered by bad muscle memory is just like that.

It requires a specific sequence of
targeted movements… of “twists
and turns,” in a sense.

In fact, these twists and turns worked so well that I started sending my friends to Kathryn so she could help them, too.

I admit this did eventually cause problems…

“You know I’m retired,” she told me one day on Skype. “Your friends are nice and all, but you’re sending me so many that I could start working again full time.”

I thought about this for a moment.

“Okay, I’ll make you a deal,” I said. “I’ll stop sending inflicting my friends on you if you promise to package up this system of yours and publish it.”

I knew that this chronic pain “puzzle box” system she’d created during her decades of clinical practice could almost act like a Kathryn-in-a-Box.

And her unique sequence of exercises could be coached on video and programmed based on what a reader found in their self-assessment.

I’d been publishing fitness programs for years, and I had a very clear idea of how to make it work.

“I’ll create the program,” she said, “If you’ll coach the exercises on video.”

I hadn’t been in front of the camera in years. My coaching days were over. But I agreed to do it because it was fun to work together, and because I wanted this system for myself.

And now, I’m happy to recommend it to you, if you’re interested…

Million Dollar Exercise

The Simple Muscle Memory System
Clinically-Proven To Turn Creaky, Crackling
Painful Movement Into “Smooth-As-Silk”
And More Mobile Than Ever Before

Here’s How It Works…

Step 1: Test

Choose your problem area and Dr. Woodall will walk you through a few basic posture tests. There’s nothing crazy about these… so don’t let the word “test” scare you. After years of experience, she was able to boil these “tests” down to a few simple self-evaluations you can do standing (with support) or lying down.

Step 2: Reset

Use your 30-90 second Reset to send a new signal to your neuromuscular system. One that releases unnecessary muscle tension, opens up compressed blood vessels, restores oxygen and nutrient flow, ships out metabolic waste and eases up compressed joints.

Step 3: Reprogram

You’ve now opened a window to record new, healthy muscle memories. Here, you’ll open up greater mobility in your joints, begin to shave off some of the snaps, crackles, pops and creaks that come with “wear and tear”… and even enhance your flexibility without dangerous conventional stretching.

Step 3: Reinforce

This is where Million Dollar Exercise really earns its name. Because now that you’ve smoothed out some of the hitches in your movement, it’s time to strengthen your new motor blueprint with a few target movements. Think of this step as creating a safety valve of strength for those times where you have to act suddenly — like dumping out of a heavy lift or rolling your ankle in a crag or dip.

This Targeted 4-Step System Is What
Separates Million Dollar Exercise From
Mainstream ‘Exercise Solutions’…

You’ll be surprised to discover the tools we’ve given you with Million Dollar Exercise can also serve as feedback to tell you what OTHER programs do to your body.

That’s especially true of the short (but powerful) “Full Body Reboot” routine you’re getting access to…

If you’re significantly tighter one day than the next, you can figure out what caused it and take measures to do resets specific to the activity giving you problems.

You’ll find that you get better and faster results by addressing those problems immediately instead of waiting until you have symptoms.

That’s a super power I would have done almost anything to acquire when I started out coaching. And it’s a primary reason why my private clients now pay a premium for even twenty minutes of my time.

When you experience Million Dollar Exercise for yourself you’ll know EXACTLY why. Which is why Dr. Woodall and I have put together a very special package for you to get started with right now…

Here’s What You’re Getting

Million Dollar Exercise Guidebooks

Each conveniently dedicated to the most common problem areas: Arms, Legs and Spine.

This covers your entire body — head to toe. Neck, back, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees and ankles… you name it.

The exercises within are all simple and can be done at home.

Easy to follow directions and detailed pictures makes sure you know what you should be doing every step of the way. There are just enough exercises presented here to rejuvenate your entire body… but not so much that you feel overwhelmed.

You’re getting a total of 3 PDFs. You can stream these online… download them to your digital devices for offline viewing… or print them out to use as handy reference guides wherever you go.

Million Dollar Exercise Video Library

If there’s a downside to not being able to learn live and in-person it’s this: how do you know if you’re really doing the exercises right or not? That’s why I’m giving you this video library.

Every single “million dollar exercise” is covered — including the short and sweet “Full Body Reset” routine. You’ll be coached through all of the finer points of the movements and know exactly what to look out for… and what you should be feeling every step of the way.

Best part is you’ll pick them up in just a few short minutes. Between these videos and your guidebooks, you’ll never question whether or not you’re doing the exercises right.

You can watch these anywhere. You can stream them online at home or on the go… download them to your digital devices for offline viewing… even take them with you to the gym to help coach you along.

Healthy Posture Handbooks

I know you will want to jump straight to an area you consider your problem spot and get to work. And that’s great. But…

You can set yourself up for accelerated success if you start with the section on healthy posture to decrease some of the stress and strain mundane daily tasks put on your body.

Thumb through the first few pages of your handbooks and you’ll discover:

The 10-Point Seated Posture “Cheat Sheet” that energizes desk jockeys, couch potatoes and drivers. Including…

The 11-Point Standing Posture “Cheat Sheet” brings relief to folks who are on their feet all day. Including…

And a whole treasure trove more secrets to fine-tune your “Bad Muscle Memory Radar”!

You’re getting a total of 3 PDFs. You can stream these online… download them to your digital devices for offline viewing… or print them out to use as handy reference guides wherever you go.

This System Will Work For Anyone Fed Up
With Nagging Aches And Pains Putting
The Brakes On Their Body

Here are just a few types of people who are already benefitting from the Million Dollar Exercise system in just a few short minutes a day

Here Are The 4 Best Ways To Let
Million Dollar Exercise Maximize Your Gains,
Speed Your Recovery, Alleviate — And Even
Eliminate — Exercise Aches And Pains

1: Do Them As A Warm Up Before You Workout To Maximize Your Gains And Injury Proof Your Exercise…

2: Do Them As A Cool Down After Your Training To Accelerate Recovery And Restore Muscle Balance…

3: Do Them Upon Waking To Relieve Stiffness And To Energize Your Body Before Leaving The House…

4: Do Them At The End Of Your Day To Unwind Stress And Tension That Saps Your Strength While You Sleep…

Do Them For Your Back, Do Them For Your Hips, Do Them For Your Entire Body. Most Of All DO THEM FOR THE SHEER PLEASURE THEY GIVE YOU!

Which begs the question…

How Much Does This Cost?

You have to ask yourself…

What’s it worth to YOU to wake up each morning feel loose and limber and like you’re ready for anything?

To train and play with the intensity you know wins the results you’re after… with total confidence… and without paying for it later?

Imagine turning back the clock on your body to a time when you were fearless in the gym, on the court, or out on the pavement…

Never missing a lift because of nagging aches and pains…

Or backing off intensity out of fear of paying for it tomorrow…

Not being that guy or gal that USED to be able to [fill in the blank with something pretty impressive, if you know what I mean]…

Now I’m not saying I can turn you into the Six Million Dollar Man (or Woman)… but I’m willing to bet Million Dollar Exercise can make you feel like you’ve just hit the jackpot. Which is why I want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started.

Instead of spending the time trying to research this stuff online… or having to pay for one expensive seminar, workshop and package of personal training sessions after another to finally “get it”… you can…

Learn These Pain-Free-Body Secrets
In Just An Hour Or Two And
Without Even Leaving Home!

That’s right…

If you’d like to know an almost magical process for unwinding tight muscles and stiff joints… how to be more flexible and less injury prone without stretching… and finally eliminate your most troublesome chronic aches and pains… and do it in the fastest way possible… you have every reason in the world to be excited about this.

So, look, here’s the deal:

Million Dollar Exercise costs just $37. I could charge five times that and the price would still be justified based on the results it delivers. However…

I’ve seen how this material can change lives. I know what it’s done for mine. Which is why I want to make it as affordable as possible to as many people as possible.

Just One Catch…

I do plan on raising the price. In fact, if you’ve come across Million Dollar Exercise recently, you know $37 is a price HIKE from the lower price I used to offer it at. And, truth is… I will be raising the price again. I do this periodically to give people just like you every incentive to act now and let this system go to work for you… and not put it off any longer.

Anyway, the price almost doesn’t matter because the reality is…

You Can Try These Million Dollar
Exercise Secrets Out For FREE
If You Want

Here’s how it works:

Order your personal copy of Million Dollar Exercise while it’s still available at this test price.

Download everything, or stream it from any of your devices, whichever you prefer.

Put the secrets you’ll find inside to the test.

Eight Minutes Is All You
Really Need To Start

But, take a full 60 days, if you want.

This way you’re not rushed, and don’t have to worry about life getting in the way, or any other excuses people make for themselves when starting something new…

Notice the difference you feel in your muscles and joints as you start melting tension and freeing up your body… and suddenly start moving with the mobility and smoothness of someone half your age.

Notice the confidence you have as you exercise now… the difference in the way you carry yourself in daily life… and the way the people around you respond…

And don’t be surprised if you catch people staring at you in AWE as you move in ways someone so “beat up” has no business moving.


If you decide at any point that you’d like to go back to “managing” your aches and pains on your own…

Simply shoot an email over to and let me know. I’ll have customer care process your 100% guaranteed refund straight away. No hassle whatsoever. Your prerogative. It’s your body and I trust your judgement here.

And, you get to KEEP anything and everything you’ve downloaded. Consider it a gift for taking decisive action today.


Are You Ready To Put These
Pain-Free Body Exercises
To The Test?

Here’s all you need to do now:

Reserve Your Copy of Million
Dollar Exercise And Get Instant
Access To The Force Training
System Just Moments From Now!

 For Just $64  Today's Price $37


Bottom line is this:

I don’t know what kind of aches and pains you’re dealing with right now.

Or what kind of shape you’re in.

But… I DO know one thing…

No matter WHAT you’re doing… the secrets found inside Million Dollar Exercise will make you move smoother, stronger and with far more ease.

You’ll feel it almost instantly. And…

You NEVER have to leave your bedroom to experience it, if you don’t want to.

Most folks don’t believe me when I say this. So I prove it to them.

And you can prove it to yourself, too, if you want. It won’t take but a few minutes.

Choice is yours.

Ryan Murdock
Publisher, Shapeshifter Media
Retired Ninja


Anyone with tight hips, tight shoulders or a tight low back knows how hard it can be to get a GOOD stretch. In fact, it can feel like the search for a stretch that will WORK for you is never ending. But there’s a good reason for that…

Because when it comes to relieving muscle tightness, stretching is often the WRONG approach. Truth is, trying to FORCE a tight muscle to relax through conventional stretching can do your body more HARM than good.

The secret is knowing WHY the muscle is really tight in the first place. And that’s exactly what you’ll understand after you’ve read through this program and gone through a session of the movements. You’ll know and FEEL how to limber up your tight spots without wrestling with tight muscles.

So, why not prove it to yourself today?

Better Than Stretching
For Tight Muscles?

Reserve Your Copy of Million
Dollar Exercise And Get Instant
Access To The Force Training
System Just Moments From Now!

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This hidden gem was buried deep within the Bodyweight Coach Vault. Consider it your “quick and dirty” 15 minute workout plan. It’s a “backup program” that’s designed to keep your metabolism elevated during those periods when you’re unable to follow a full workout schedule.

It’s the perfect program for holidays, hectic business trips, or family vacations — because everyone can find 15 minutes.

These three one-off workouts are designed to be squeezed in whenever you can find a few minutes. I also reveal how to combine them together for optimum effect.

Workout #1 is a metabolic conditioning session that uses a special timing protocol… formulated to elevate your metabolism quickly and keep it elevated for hours after you’ve completed your session. Workout #2 is similar, but shakes things up with a very sneaky “energy system” protocol. Both circuits use full body exercises to give you the maximum bang for your buck.

Then comes Workout #3. This one is scientifically engineered to conserve lean muscle mass and prompt the release of Growth Hormone. I want to keep your insulin sensitivity elevated, especially if you’re feasting on all sorts of goodies and “forbidden foods”. And I want those muscle tissues mopping up fat so it doesn’t end up on your waist or thighs!

You’ll begin each workout with a fast Million Dollar Exercise style warm up to prep your joints for exercise, and you’ll end each workout with a 3-minute series of special recovery movements specifically designed to unload the tension you just put in. They’ll speed your recovery, improve your health and mobility, and enhance your results on this program. Don’t skip it.

Want it for FREE? It’s yours INSTANTLY when you test drive Million Dollar Exercise at the temporary sale price of just $37 by ordering on this page. But a word of warning: I’m not sure how long I’m going to sweeten the pot with this secret program, so you’ve gotta act now!

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