“Now, even someone who is super-stiff, immobile, and out of shape can, in just a few short hours, know more about becoming ‘near-invinciblein the gym than most athletes, weightlifters and strength coaches do… and do it in the fastest way possible!

Forbidden Fitness Secrets Used By Legendary
Japanese “Shadow Warriors” Reinforce Your
Joints, Ligaments And Tendons With An Almost
Supernatural Breaking Point

Dear Friend,

If you would you like to know a secret way to “wire” your body to handle maximum stress without risking discomfort, pain or injury… then here’s how a clan of the most mysterious (and deadly) warriors in Japanese history did it.

And why you can do the same thing today… with the information on this website.

Here’s the story:

Hundreds of years ago, Japanese warlords were “haunted” by a clan of warriors who possessed mysterious and magical powers

They had the ability to shape-shift… to phase through walls and walk on water… to disappear into shadows… to move with phantom speed, agility, balance and coordination… and to endure (and even laugh at) an ungodly amount of stress and punishment.

In fact, they were so formidable that Japanese warlords were forced to face one horrifying fact:

These Invincible “Shadow Warriors”
…Were Simply NOT Human!


They were ghosts…


Men possessed with the spirits of ancient deities.

Whatever they were, one thing was for sure:

They were anything but mere mortals.

Or So Legend Has It…

So, who were these “shadow warriors” REALLY? And what does this have to do with you? Well…

Some say they were a secret society formed one moonless night… deep in the Iga Mountains… during the chance meeting of a Wandering Warrior Monk, a Chinese Mystical Priest and a Peasant Farmer.

Others say they were “freedom fighters” guided by an oracle with access to lost ancient knowledge.

Whatever spawned them, know this:

They were real flesh and blood.

They eventually became known as the Shinobi.

But you probably know of them by their pop-culture name:

The Ninja.

Naturally, you have to ask yourself…

What is it about the very real, flesh-and-blood Ninja that made warlords terrified of their own shadow?

That made Samurai elite look like fumbling buffoons?

That created so much confusion on a battlefield, their enemies ended up fighting against themselves?

Believe it or not…

There’s Nothing Magical About It

Truth is, the Ninja simply used a strategic set of “forbidden fitness secrets” that made them SEEM supernatural.

A dedication to clinical and precise training of these secrets is what allowed the Ninja to be limber, supple and “move like mist” one moment

Then suddenly call up a body plated with “muscular armor” the next.

This ability allowed them wield strange weapons, dispatch elite opponents, suffer inhuman punishment, and climb trees and walls with…

A Supernatural Ease That Would
Cause Other Mortals Pain, Injury
And Even Death!

Anyway, do you want to know the most prized of their forbidden fitness secrets?

Building unmatched levels of a special kind of strength known as “intrinsic strength”.

And you know what?

Even though almost nobody truly understands intrinsic strength today…

…it’s something you can quickly and easily grasp if you really want to.

You can think of it this way…

Building Intrinsic Strength Is Like
Reinforcing Your Joints, Ligaments,
Tendons, Bones And Muscles
With Elastic Steel

And while I’m not saying you should go out and start masking yourself in black and terrorizing your political “warlords”…

layering your body with elastic steel CAN make you feel so damn shatterproofyou’ll want to become a professional “daredevil”!

Because, frankly, when you understand how to REALLY develop intrinsic strength like the Ninja possessed… then with just a few short practice sessions you will already feel your inner “shadow warrior” coming out of hiding…

Imagine sensing things in your body you never have before…

Being able to “shrug off” muscle tension and joint stiffness with only a subtle movement and a deep exhale…

Training your tendons and ligaments to access hidden pockets of “elastic energy”… so your muscles and joints can coil and explode like a spring, releasing “power on demand” with what seems like no effort at all

Moving with such an intimidating level of balance, coordination and smoothness that…

People Now Look At YOU Like
You Are Simply NOT Human

Please understand, this isn’t some action flick fantasy.

It’s reality for the small (but savvy) minority who want something different from the kind of training you get from your average clipboard-toting trainer… and are smart enough to do something about it.

Anyway, listen… if you think building up intrinsic strength isn’t something to take seriously, you’ll want to think again, because…

Poor Intrinsic Strength Undermines
All Areas Of Physical Performance

A lack of intrinsic strength is why guys can have the muscles of an Olympian… and yet joints made of peanut brittle

Or why top level athletes experience “phantom injuries”… where they tear a muscle or ligament for seemingly NO reason, and end up missing an entire season or more…

Or why your average fitness joe can bust his rump in the gym and still end up stuck in a rut, or with embarrassingly low levels of strength and power to show for it…

Matter of fact, according to the sweet celestial science of Physics…

Intrinsic Strength Is The Key
“Invincibility Factor” In Measuring
An Object’s Breaking Point

So it seems the Ninja were onto something all those hundreds of years ago.

Anyway, look… how do I know all of this?

Recently, I discovered a keeper of such “forbidden fitness secrets”. An expert in the realm of the true Ninja and their brand of intrinsic strength training.

His name is Ryan Murdock. He’s an anthropologist, travel writer and leader of one of the top health information publishers on the web the past ten years. He’s also an honest to god Modern Day Ninja Warrior. And…

One night (over one too many rounds of scotch) he started letting me in on his “forbidden fitness secrets”.

And you know what surprised me most?

The Short Set of “Soft Tissue”
Exercises He Revealed Are Really
Quite Simple In Their Application

And yet, when practiced with discipline, they give your soft tissue (joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones) an almost supernatural breaking point.

Best part?

You don’t need any formalized or specialised training to master them:

In other words…

Anyone of Any Age Can Wield
The Power of These Forbidden Fitness
Secrets And Walk The Earth A Brand
New Person
Because of Them

There’s just one catch.

You need to make sure you’re doing these exercises IN THE RIGHT ORDER.

You can’t just do them willy-nilly. In fact, doing so will have the OPPOSITE effect on your body.

You’d be like some fool-thief wielding a magic spell book. Not a pretty picture.

Fortunately, Ryan’s developed a system that guarantees you’re doing these exercises THE RIGHT WAY.

The “magic” behind the rapid development of your “supernatural skills” is Ryan’s way of moving your body from Ninja-Supple to Ninja-Strong.

Follow These 3 Steps And
You Will “Wire” Your Body To Handle
Maximum Stress Without Risking
Discomfort, Pain Or Injury

  1. You first set out to restore the full, healthy range of motion of your joints with targeted regeneration exercises.

  2. You then seamlessly transition to intrinsic strength exercises by “adding weight” to that healthy range in a very specific way.

  3. Finally, once your “intrinsic base” is installed, you build traffic-stopping joint, tendon and ligament strength in odd ranges with “forbidden” exercises you’ve likely NEVER seen before.

It’s a surprisingly simple (but clinically precise) system when you see it in action.

Anyway, would you like to learn this secret way of making yourself “near-invincible” in the gym?

And would you like to do it without having to leave your home… or even having to expense a trip to Berlin and pay Ryan’s high end private coaching fee for it?

Then check this out:

These Forbidden Fitness Secrets
Of A Modern Day Ninja Warrior
Are Hard To Find

You can’t learn these “forbidden” exercises from some internet copy of an ancient ninja scroll some “collector” got off the black market.

Ninja manuals were deliberately incomplete so the most secret knowledge was passed orally from master to apprentice. Anyway, that’s NOT what this is about.

These Forbidden Fitness Secrets of A Modern Day Ninja Warrior are the result several decades of obsessive training and research.

Since retiring from teaching almost two decades ago, Ryan has kept the closely guarded video recordings of his forbidden fitness secrets hidden beneath loose floorboards and behind fake walls across the globe — Canada, Japan, North Korea, remote parts of China, Chad, the Sudan, Syria, Bosnia, Salvador, Germany, and everywhere else his assignments have taken him.

Until now, he’s only “released” some of these secrets in dribs-and-drabs to some of his more trusted students. Never before have they been available to the public all together, in one special “master package” such as what you’re about to get your hands on here and now.

Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll learn from Ryan’s teachings:

  • A secret way to “upgrade” normal pushups for freakish levels of wrist strength, thicker shoulders and arms, and a more powerful chest.

  • A series of cutting edge “core drills” that tighten your waistline, improve your posture and root out lower back pain.

  • How to shield yourself from accidental ankle turns and sudden changes in direction… which typically result in sprains or tears. (It is this “fleetness of foot” which allows the ninja to retain his balance in all manner of unusual situations.)

  • The two most common mistakes people make when training their connective tissues to operate like “elastic steel”.

  • A sneaky “low tech” way to condition your body’s “linchpin joint” for injury prevention and superior sport performance. (These drills are “low tech” because all can be done using your own bodyweight, without need for stretch bands or fancy “functional training” gear.)

  • Want Ninja stamina? It’s not about training harder, but smarter:

    Discover how to “load” your soft tissue the RIGHT WAY… and unlock the natural “springs” hidden in your connective tissues to instantly balance muscle tension and relaxation. More…

    Learning to re-integrate your breathing, movement and posture wires your body to move with a Ninja’s economy of motion… so you can endure more than most mortals, but with far less effort. You’ll also learn…

  • A “forbidden” set of upper body exercises that turn “show muscle” into “go muscle”. (Due to the challenge of some of these movements, you must have mastered the exercises prior — you'll be taking the mobility and coordination you've built to entirely new realms of intrinsic strength.)

  • The “guiding hand / mobile hand” drill which awakens your body’s “sixth sense”. (Drills like these hardcoded a Ninja’s nervous system to redirect strikes around obstacles — including blocks and parries — with disorienting impact and machine-like precision.)

  • Little-known (but shockingly simple) “broomstick drills” that develop crushing grip strength and magician-like finger dexterity.

  • Plus more with the stick, like: how to conceal the length of your weapon and how to take advantage of “weak” angles of vision to add an element of deception to your strikes… AND, you’ll learn how to twirl the staff smoothly and strike seamlessly while in motion. BUT, DON’T BE FOOLED…

These broomstick drills are NOT just for martial artists!

These drills are excellent for sports like hockey and lacrosse, where the ability to retain your stick in a dynamic environment requires full-range grip strength. These movements also provide excellent compensation for the type of repetitive strain injuries that can develop when the wrist is held in a fixed position in sports like tennis, golf and table tennis and professions that involve typing and driving.

In fact, Ryan has taught these intrinsic strength moves to everyone from working women to weekend warriors to medical professionals. And guess what?

They Were All Blown Away By How
Simple, Clear And Powerful These
Forbidden Fitness Secrets Are

But don’t just take my word for it…

"I've been doing push ups for a long, long time. High school athletics through the Army (that stint involved thousands of plain ol' styled push ups), then through the myriad of martial arts schools I've involved myself with through many years. I must say that I haven't seen a push up program like the one Coach Murdock has offered. I actually tried most of them after downloading the video and must say that they don't put the repetitive stress that the old-school push up does, yet I feel the amazing strength-building results that these not-seen (at least by me in my five decades) exercises will have on my body. This is a great product! Coach Murdock has done an exemplary job on this. I can't wait to see his hopefully, near-future offerings. I, who have pushed the planet dozens and dozens of miles with push ups am quite impressed!" — Kevin Lee Dougherty

"This is awesome, Ryan! I really like all of the inventive and challenging variations. How do you come up with this stuff…?" — Jeffry C. Larson

"This is an outstanding tutorial. Just watching Coach Murdock move is worth the price. The "lecture", explanations and demos are invaluable, with enough material to keep anyone busy for some time. My guess is someone at the gym doing this stuff will be stopping traffic with those moves.” — Jeanne Gostnell

"I’ve been doing push ups since I was 4 and I thought I’d seen every type in the world, but I learned something new the day I watched this." — Joseph Wilson, multiple time International Martial Art Hall of Fame inductee, professional law enforcement officer.

"This program is so fun that after taking the handle off and putting it back on the broom at least 5 times today, I just left it off so that I could play with it at every break. I see patients and write for a living so I make sure that I move and care for my wrists, elbows, and shoulders daily. Going through Coach Murdock's tutorial is showing me that there were things I wasn't getting at as deeply as I could. I have already told a couple clients with shoulder issues about this program… One lays carpet and another sits behind a desk. If you want to explore improved motion and strength with your wrists, elbows, and shoulders but are hesitating because this is “Ninja stuff”, forget what it is called and know that good movement is good movement." — Dr. Kathryn Woodall, DC

Anyway, I could go on and on. But, here’s the bottom line:

Instead of taking decades to learn the proper sequencing of these intrinsic strength moves… or having to pay for one expensive seminar, workshop and package of personal training sessions after another to finally “get it”… you can…

Learn These Forbidden Fitness
Secrets In Just A Few Short Hours
And Without Even Leaving Home!

That’s right…

If you’d like to know more about building up your body’s "breaking point" by increasing the intrinsic strength of your body’s “soft tissue” (joints, tendons and ligaments) than most athletes, weightlifters and strength coaches do… and do it in the fastest way possible… you have every reason in the world to be excited about this.

So, look, here’s the deal:

Since he’s hung up his Shinobi Shozoko and Ninjatō (and since the Ninja arts are a fast-dying breed), Ryan has agreed to make digital versions of some of his old “forbidden master tapes” available to the public for a limited time.

You now have the rare opportunity to access over two hours worth of nina-grade video instruction from one of the most highly-respected Bujinkan (and intrinsic strength) instructor’s on the planet.

Video access is delivered to you instantly via email and your downloads are stored on Ryan’s secure server to make things as simple and safe for you as possible.

And you can view them anywhere: desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Whatever your preference.

Now, naturally you must be wondering…

What Do These Forbidden
Fitness Secrets Cost?

Well… what is it worth to feel near-invincible in the gym? On the field? With the kids? In the street?

Consider this…

You’ll be learning some of the same intrinsic strength exercises Ryan was brought in to teach as a “guest coach” at multiple $5,000+ seminars… PLUS many movements he was FORBIDDEN from teaching.

I can only guess what it would cost to learn this privately from Ryan. When asked what his private coaching fee was, his reply was simply: “You don’t want to know.”

And, ask anyone fortunate enough to have been exposed to these secrets and they’ll tell you…

They’re Priceless In The Changes
They Bring To Your Body
And Self-Confidence

So, I considered it a steal when I talked Ryan down from $147 to offering them up for only $64. But, I wanted to make it as easy as possible for anyone serious about reinforcing their joints, ligaments and tendons with ninja-levels of intrinsic strength to get access to this stuff, that I poked and prodded and twisted Ryan’s arm until he finally agreed to putting this package on the market for an “introductory period” for only $37.

That means you’re getting digital access to the entire Forbidden Fitness Secrets of A Modern Day Ninja Warrior “master package” at a savings of almost 40% off the previously agreed, retail price.

And just for extra peace of mind, you can try out the whole thing for the next 60 days at no risk with Ryan’s 100% money back guarantee. In other words…

You Move Like Elastic Steel
Or You Pay Nothing

Here’s how it works:

Order your personal copy of Forbidden Fitness Secrets while it’s still available. Download all of the manuals and videos, or stream them from any of your devices, whichever you prefer.

Put the secrets you’ll find inside to the test.

Five Minutes Per Day Is All You
Really Need To Start

Take a full 60 days, if you want.

This way you’re not rushed, and don’t have to worry about life getting in the way, or any other excuses people make for themselves when starting something new…

Notice the difference you feel in your muscles and joints as you start reinforcing your body with intrinsic strength and suddenly start moving with the mobility and power of elastic steel.

Notice the confidence you have as you exercise now… the difference in the way you carry yourself in daily life… and the way the people around you respond…

And don’t be surprised if you catch the glimmer of something newly awakened in your eye (your inner “shadow warrior”, perhaps?) when you look in the mirror.


If you decide at any point that you’d like to go back to peanut-brittle joints, “shaky” tendons and ligaments, and training without the feeling that you’re protected by an invisible “wall of invincibility”…

Simply shoot an email over to support@shapeshiftercentral.com and let Ryan know. He’ll have customer care process your 100% guaranteed refund straight away. No hassle whatsoever. Your prerogative. It’s your body and I trust your judgement here.

And, you get to KEEP anything and everything you’ve downloaded. Consider it a gift for taking decisive action today. So…

Are You Ready To Put These
Forbidden Fitness Secrets
To The Test?

Remember, this is a total paradigm shift from what most people normally consider 'exercise'miserable, repetitive, and grueling activities that you dread doing and can't wait to finish.

What seems awkward at first becomes more and more natural, which is really the point.

In addition to gaining strength, conditioning and mobility, you may find old aches and pains disappearing — even if you’re super stiff and not in shape right now.

This stuff is so much fun, and it also works as a total fitness routine.

Anyway, here’s what you do now:

Reserve Your Copy of Forbidden
Fitness Secrets And Get Instant
Access To The Entire Intrinsic
Strength System Just
Moments From Now!

 For Just $64 
Today's Price $37


Look, here’s what this comes down to: you already know most of today’s physical training is hard on your body.

These forbidden fitness secrets could be the difference between living life to its fullest or living it from the sidelines.

Choice is yours.

About This Article’s Author: Helder Gomes is a Service Connected Disabled Veteran, United States Marine, Modern Survivalist & Combat Instructor, Fitness Author and founder of The Warrior Zero Project. He can be reached at CoachHelder.com and TheWarriorZeroProject.com

P.S. You can use these exercises anywhere.

These are some of the very same drills Ryan takes with him to the marginal regions of the world.

He's used them to stay fit in 5 star hotels in Cairo. He's done them inside a two-person tent camped on the open steppes of Outer Mongolia. And he's used them for warmth in a ruined quonset hut while trapped by inclement weather in Canada's Northwest Territories. On journeys like that, the Ninja travel light.

Forbidden Fitness Secrets of A Modern Day Ninja Warrior contains some of the choicest tools for your portable bag of fitness tricks, and a collection of mission-tested methods for preparation you can trust.

P.P.S. One piece of bad news about this package for the Ninja “super-fans”:

Ryan’s not going to reveal the dark arts of guerilla warfare and espionage so you can break into houses and complexes or play pranks on your friends. And, while the Ninja were experts in making medicines and poisons, you aren’t going to learn any of that either.

Yet what you ARE going to discover is this: what feels like “play” is (in reality) hardcoding your nervous system with Ninja skills in a very sneaky way. After all, the Ninja prized “stealth” in everything they did, including the instruction of their deepest, darkest fitness secrets.

So, if you train these exercises in public, don’t be surprised when people start asking you what martial art you’re doing. Up to you whether or not you want to let them in on our little secret.

Anyway, your call. You’ve really gotta feel this stuff to believe it. Here’s how you get started…

 For Just $64 
Today's Price $37




This hidden gem was buried deep within the Bodyweight Coach Vault. It’s a special collection of Ninja Cardio created for Ryan’s very first super-mysterious “inner circle”. And now it’s yours if you want it… but you’ve gotta act before it’s too late.

Here’s the deal: Ninja stamina is the stuff of legend. But it didn’t just come from superior conditioning. They learned to rewire the way they moved through space with secret exercises that unlocked biomechanically efficient movement patterns… giving them a gas tank that never seemed to exhaust.

Best part: when these Ninja “Neuro-Stim” Movements are performed circuit-style — as in Ninja Cardio — they’ll give you a hell of a workout and burn a boatload of calories in a very short time!

Want it for FREE? It’s yours INSTANTLY when you test drive Forbidden Fitness Secrets at the temporary sale price of just $37 by ordering on this page. But a word of warning: I’m not sure how long Ryan will allow me to sweeten the pot with this secret program, so you’ve gotta act now!

 For Just $64 
Today's Price $37